Xlinksoft DVD Ripper

Xlinksoft DVD Ripper 2.0

Extracts your DVD movies and converts them into many popular formats
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Xlinksoft DVD Ripper is a software tool designed to extract your DVD movies in order to back them up and save them on your hard drive or on other devices. But Xlinksoft DVD Ripper does not just perform a simple file extraction process - it also includes conversion capabilities that allow you to keep your favorite movies in simpler compressed formats, thus saving a lot of disk space.

Its trial version, unfortunately, introduces a very severe limitation - it only allows you to convert 5 minutes of the original video or movie, or half of it in case its duration is shorter than 5 minutes. Therefore, this trial version of the program is made available for evaluation purposes only. Besides, every time you run the program a registration reminder appears inviting you to buy and/or register your copy, which may be pretty annoying after a number of times.

The program's main window is very pleasant to work with and well designed. It allows you to grab your movies from different sources - directly from a DVD folder (either already stored on your system or from a DVD disc), from an ISO image file containing the DVD movie, and also directly from any of the IFO files of the original DVD. It also supports batch conversion, so that you can extract and convert several movies at once. The videos are displayed in a hierarchical way, showing their individual titles, which are seen by the program as different conversion tasks.

Any of the selected movies can be enhanced using the Video Editor, which is one of the major assets of this program. There you can customize the resulting videos with four different tools - Crop, Effect, Trim, and Watermark. "Crop" allows you to select only a certain area of the original screen; with "Effect" you can alter the movie's brightness, contrast, and saturation, and add some interesting effects, like gray, negative or old-film; "Trim", allows you to cut out a video segment by setting a start and end time; and "Watermark", of course, permits you to add a watermark to your converted video, using either a text or an image file, and setting its level of opacity and its exact position.

Back to the main window, you can also count on an embedded media player designed to provide you with a preview of any of your movies. Here you can also select the subtitle and the audio tracks to be included to your resulting file, as well as a target format from a really long list of them, including portable ones (like MP4 or 3GP) and audio-only ones, thus turning this program also into a basic DVD audio extractor. To top it all off, you are also allowed to change the format-specific predefined settings, like the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc.

Even though the program provides you with the all those editing functions and configuration options, if you are a novice user, you can just add your movies, select your desired output format, and start the conversion process, all in just a few steps. The program is very stable, the extraction/conversion process is fast, and it produces resulting video files of a very good quality.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant to work with: well-designed interface
  • Supports a big variety of target formats
  • Includes a video editing tool
  • Allows you to set format-specific parameters
  • It is suitable as much for the expert user as for the novice one
  • Reasonable price


  • Its trial version only converts 5 minutes of the original movie, or half of it in case it is less than 5 minutes long
  • Displays a registration reminder every time you run it, until you buy and register it
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